Hello Fellow Snowmobilers!

I would like to welcome you to our new and improved website.  We hope that these changes will be beneficial in helping you have a great snowmobiling experience on our trails in the Ottawa East and South areas.

Each fall our approximately 40 volunteers set out to clear, mark and sign the trails that once the snow flies allows for some of the finest trails in Eastern Ontario.  Our Grooming crew can usually be seen a few times a week - given the conditions of course – keeping our trails smooth and fun to ride.  We will be posting trail conditions on this site and our facebook page a couple of times per week, once the trails are open.

One of the challenges we continue to face in our club is the risk of trail closures from those that aren’t part of the snowmobiling culture. This is due in part to the growth that the Ottawa area is experiencing and properties being developed where our trails have run for years, usually decades.  I would ask that when you are on the trail and you encounter a walker, cross-country skier, etc., that you slow down and acknowledge these people and pass them in a safe and cordial manner.

This small effort will help in two ways; it will show that we are able and willing to share the trails with others , having provided a smooth, clear path for those to walk or ski, this will also bring the message that we are interested in keeping our sport safe by being aware of our surroundings and those in it. 

Another thing that we can do, and I’m sure we all do it already, is that if you see some small trash on the trails, please pick it up and take it to a garbage can off of the trail. this will help keep our trails clean and free of anything that could potentially get caught up in someone’s sled,  our grooming equipment, or worse yet, wind up on one of our valued landowners property for them to find in the spring. 

These measures, while small, can hopefully reduce the opportunity for those that are not snowmobilers to complain about the sport that we spend our winter months enjoying.

If you are interested in how our club works, or would like to meet some of your fellow snowmobilers, please come out to one of our meetings! they are usually held from 7pm to 9pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from October through to March.  The fine folks at KC’s Country Inn located at 984 Burton Rd in Vars. They have been kind enough to allow us the use of the downstairs dining area for our meetings, so come on out you never know who you will see there!

Lastly, please keep checking back for news on events and club rides that we plan to host over the course of the season. if you have any feedback for the club, please feel free to drop us a line at or call us at 613-833-3533.

Thanks for visiting and please be sure to support the businesses that support us!

See you on the trails, 

Tim Krause

Carleton Regional S.C.