Carleton Regional Snowmobile Club

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Our Mission


To provide a trail network that is maintained to the highest standard ensuring a great trail experience with every ride.

Carleton Regional Snowmobile Club is a member based club that operates in the Eastern part of the Ottawa Capital Region. We maintain a network of approx. 160Km of groomed snowmobile trails that connect with the Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club to the East and The Osgoode Carleton S.C. to the south/west.

All Carleton Regional S.C. Permit holders are members of our club. We have a 5 member executive and hold general club meetings from the fall to the spring to discuss club business and to address any concerns of our members.

We also hold club events throughout the year that keeps all members in touch with the club and thier fellow members/riders



Our Team

President: Tim Krause

Vice President: Rick Thirsk

Treasurer: Kevin Halon

Secretary: Shelley Krause    

Webmaster: Shona Thirsk


Our Coordinators

Events Coordinator: Dean Bourgon

Trails and Sign Coordinator: Glen Sauve and Wayne Dandy

Driver Training Coordinator: Mary-Ann Sauve

Trail Ambassador: Glen Sauve

Volunteer Coordinator: Matt Ilott

Grooming Coordinator:  Wayne Dandy


Area Directors

Rideau: Theo Haight  

Carlsbad Springs:  Theo Haight  

Navan: Wayne Dandy  

Sarsfield: Wayne Dandy  

Cumberland: Stephane Gratton  

Orleans: Glen Sauve 

Vars: Meryl Jackson




  • Approx. 550 permit buying members
  • Trail System covers roughly 160 km's
  • New Industrial Groomer last season
  • Trail Upgrades done annually include Bridges, culvert installs, new pickets are made and painted.
  • 100% volunteer driven club
  • 160 km of Grooming each winter by volunteers.
  • 100 Landowners supporting our club byproviding access to their land for our trails
  • 40 Volunteers generously lending their time to the club annually
  • 2 industrial Groomers to keep the trails in good shape all winter